NL Trip 2 – Cigars at the LCDH Maastricht

25 Aug

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After a morning cigar I left Sittard with Jan and we headed for nearby Maastricht, a city I had not visited but where Reza has opened one of the most elegant and spectacular LCDH in Europe.

It was not even 10 a.m. and the sun was beating down at 30 C.

I liked Maastricht immediately once we got into the downtown area and Reza was already waiting for us at the Casa.

It is indeed a most elegant place and I can only recommend it, great taste in decoration and most roomy and comfy smoking area with a well stocked walk-in.

We smoked the superbly developing Diplomaticos ER Cuba while having a long conversation as we had not seen each other for some time.

Then it was a stroll through the old parts of Maastricht, a city with lots of flair and history, beautiful open terraces and bistros and full of young people.

In a shady terrace we had lunch, the best Outsmijter I have had so far, finished our cigars and walked back across the Maas bridge to Reza and the Casa to say farewell.

While Jan returned to his office chores, I drove on to Lommel and some champagne and cigars with Frank.

Sunny cigar days in Europe.



2 Responses to “NL Trip 2 – Cigars at the LCDH Maastricht”

  1. P. Habing 29/08/2016 at 13:52 #


    Vielleicht schon gehort, aber dass whisky & cigar salon in Gronau is jetz nog grosser. Und schoner!! Vielleicht kannst du auf Ihren blog nach einem Besuch etwas daruber schreiben?

    • Nino Munoz 29/08/2016 at 14:51 #

      Hallo und Danke für die Information,

      ich werde es sicher besuchen wenn ich in der Nähe bin.

      Gruss / Nino