Niki And The Taiwan Cigar Club in Europe – Happy Days – Day One

20 Sep

The KISS principle – Keeping it simple I believe the best part of smoking cigars is to share the experience and pleasure with good friends, then it becomes a double Happiness.

I had the fortune of meeting Niki, a fellow cigar smoker from Taiwan, a few years ago through the Internet Cigar Boards.

We kept a steady flow of information and I noticed that with him, as with my good buddies Andreas, Frank, John et al “the chemistry worked”.

He is just as interested, natural and so keen to know about Cuba and cigar details that I started to send him information, a few books and cigar samplers.

That “chemistry” became close and closer … I wouldn’t be surprised to have him as my guest/friend sharing one of my next Cuba trips … 🙂

So I was immensely pleased to learn that he and fellow members of a Taiwan Cigar Club where travelling to Europe and wanting to meet me.

They decided to spend 3 days in my area and visit the ANS – Pharmacy Cigar Event.

So, quite nervous and excited I met Niki’s group on a sunny and hot Sunday afternoon at the Old Opera house in Frankfurt – on their arrival day.
They should have been dead dog tired after almost 24 hrs of flying but they were in shape and had walked there from their Hotel to have breakfast nearby.

We walked downtown Frankfurt with me showing them around and crossed the river into Sachsenhausen – a more civilized and traditional part of the city.

A table had been reserved for us at Zum Gemalten Haus, an old and typical but non-tourist Äppelwein ( Apple cider ) restaurant.

That is where we had a long hearty lunch of Schnitzel and Beef brisket with the traditional Frankfurt Green Sauce.

To wash it down we had a Bembel (stone jar ) of Äppler.

I couldn’t  believe my eyes – they had had breakfast earlier but left the plates clean and could have eaten some more … Fantastic start.

Long conversation to get to know each other and some good cigars from my collection like La Reina, Silver Jubilee and my very own Rituales plus smaller sticks.

I had told Niki they would only smoke my cigars during their visit or I would cut their hands off – it worked 🙂

Long walk back to the Old Opera where we sat having coffee and finishing off some more cigars.

Now planning for next day : They had hired a car but Johnston, the designated driver, was on his first visit in Europe, never driven on a German Autobahn obviously and that scared me shitless …

I would drive in front and have good lady Mavis, their assistant in his car to maintain contact in case of getting lost.

That is where I got the first glimpse of how well organized they were – all addresses of the places we would visit were already stored in their mobiles acting as GPS.

Now I am overly organized myself but I would be amazed and happy at THEIR sense of organization, knowledge, interest, planning, punctuality and overall keenness at seeing places.
Well prepared is to underestimate them  …. They were perfect !

I left back to home to enjoy a cigar on the terrace and look forward to next day of taking them around.

Very happy indeed !



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