MRN Second Edition – Exclusive Pictures And Final Information

5 Apr


nfc capI have been involved in the making of and posting about the upcoming II Edition of the “Cigar Bible” for many years now due to my friendship with the Hong Kong author and collector.

So I’d like to end the active posting on my Blog with very exclusive photographs and information on the finished oeuvre, courtesy of and with full approval from the author.

All pictures and text are from the actual website selling the book and all information has been authorized for publication in my blog.



Update 06.04. : You can download 27 pages of the II edition as a pdf file from the link below – will take a minute or two as it is quite “heavy” at 8,6 MB :

Test Print 20140416 FINAL


Update 10.04. : Initially it was anticipated that “A cheaper abridged version with less pages, smaller size and lower quality will be available later”. 

I am now advised that “the cheaper version is now cancelled“.

This effectively means that only the planned 2000 Special Numbered Limited copies will be produced.

The distribution of copies is as follows:

0001 – 0010 Kept by MRN himself.
0011 – 0100 Gifts to persons involved in the book production (personally signed by MRN).
0101 – 0200 Gifts to MRN’s friends (unsigned copies).
0201 – 0500 Discounted pre-sale copies.
0501 – 2000 Full price copies released over a 5 year period.

This is for Information Only….


Update  15.04. : 

My Take On Comments in some forums on MRN & the II Edition.


Oil into the fire ??

Closing the door with a loud bang ??

If some or rather, the usual suspects, think that is the case, so be it.

Mind over matter – I don’t mind and they don’t matter.

Here’s my personal opinion on comments posted recently in some forums :

MRN ( and his work ) is a controversial  subject in the cigar world.

While the overwhelming majority respects his unique contribution to cigar research and literature as well as his pursuit of the highest quality possible in a book, he is perceived and criticized by a vocal minority for being “elitist” and “keeping a book away from the common cigar smoker” or more broadly : “the masses”.

The rumoured price of the II Edition or the bubble created by the price inflation of the I Edition have not helped calm the waters – it has had the opposite effect in some quarters.

A ripple effect I have felt myself, having been impersonated in forumsand viciously attacked with denigrating comments from “BOTL” referring to me personally and to my blog in some forums.

BTW : the word BOTL itself makes me want to puke in this context, so hollow and deceptive it is when referred to these Rat Of The Leaf scum.

BOTL my ass.

Being a friend of MRN and posting about his work has long placed me in the crosshairs of this vitriolic “ROTL” minority.

I’d like to document some of these more blatantly stupid, offensive, provocative and/or openly racist comments.

Let’s start with the easy & funnily stupid ones.
Last year I posted about the final update on the II Edition.

Please go to the comment section and check out “Bambini’s” comment and my reply to all his pestering :

Here’s his cigar bio credentials ( posted on UK CF by himself ) :

I’m Bambini and I work in a psycho. department (no, I can’t read your mind).
Started smoking cigars over the past few months after a holiday in Cuba. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m looking to probably only smoke a cigar every month or so, for financial and health reasons.
I’m working on developing a (very) modest collection of around 15 cigars for now.
I’ll probably only smoke a cigar every couple of months or so.
The thing is that most of my cigars will probably be Chirstmas/birthday gifts that I won’t smoke immediately.

After pestering me some more with several obnoxious & stupid comments plus follow-ups by mail contact on price & MRN, Bambini didn’t think twice about making a complete fool of himself by begging me to delete his … first name :

I’m not trying to be narky, but kindly remove the comment you wrote which includes my first name. As you’ve established, I work in a mental health setting and this means that I largely have to be careful what personal information I put online – I have quite an uncommon first name, so I do try and be cautious about what I put out there under my real name Leixx

So while this is more or less par for the course and a fine sample of a nut posting away in public & then wanting the toothpaste back into the tube, the last post on the II Edition has really shaken the proverbial rats out of their holes so to speak.

All of the virulent comments and mails I received went straight to the trash bin, which I don’t mind.

What I do mind, however, is the deliberate obstruction/destruction of public threads by these nut cases using unwarranted, offensive, provocative and racist tones.

An informative thread on FoH was rudely invaded by “athome” a clown intelligent enough to compare Beethoven to Hitler to MRN – a guy with 30 posts there and no cigar history other than belligerent BS. Or so I thought then.

Here his “intellectual contribution” to a, so far, balanced thread :

I seem to remember the same sort of comments were made by Hitler …. but I doubt anything he accomplished could be termed a masterpiece.

Reply by a member : Totally awesome that you managed to bring Hitler into this discussion.  Godwin’s law.  Took 5 pages though.

athome : If he’s tabboo on here I’m sorry …. I didn’t know.

Me :  If it would have been Wagner … at least I’d have understood – but poor old Ludwig van … WTF come on you humourless joker …
Mods please delete the comments and/or lock this thread – Thanks.

athome : Learn to read through threads trolly-boy!

Me : Naw, you’re just another ” Proud member of the International Brotherhood of People who Contributed Nothing but Wasted Our Whole Lifetime Grumbling and Criticizing on Things We Do Not Remotely Understand.” society.
Too dumb to read, too quick to post and too stupid to stop digging the hole – the shoe fits you and your brotherhood well …
Go ahead, make me laugh some more while I enjoy a cigar or two …

So what had been an informative thread for the large majority was closed/deleted due to these repugnant, offensive and deliberate remarks by one loony clown.

On the UK Cigar Forum the discussion was also dominated by abusive, racist and demeaning language.

See :

Being a ( passive ) member there I posted two replies, one with an original text from MRN to cheap fuckers whining about the bamboo case and explaining MRN’s support for the earth-quake victims in Sichuan where it is produced ) and a last one cancelling my membership due to comments like these :

What an Arrogant fucker…

And I couldn’t care if they were made from Gopher wood re-cycled from Noah’s Arc, they’re still fucking ugly!

Say he is making a 100% markup at £3000, he will be making much more than that I can assure you

how long until the Chinese black market is selling Nim Nom Nee book that look identical but are £50 at donington market.

just emailed a guy on alibaba says he can get me as many as i need for a fiver!!!!

So, as I suspected old Ronie boy is keeping a chunk…

And then expecting people he couldn’t give two hoots about to cover the cost of his inner circle and to subsidise his outer circle.

At least he’s actually admitting it now.

All above comments copied from a CA thread mentioned below.

One particularly aggressive poster, among many, at UK CF happens to be “Tippexx”.

What can you say about such a thoughtful contribution :

Which from the test pages I’ve seen so far has the same artistic qualities as a 1950s edition of the Radio Times and support texts which read like they were put together by a Chinese waiter …. but as long as you’re willing to swear that the Emperor is wearing his clothes, you can have one.

He also posts on Cigar Aficionado’s forum ( Language Warning no longer required as that thread has been deleted by now. )

“Tippexx” became involved in a discussion there with another poster who exposed those racist and offensive comments and called him out as being the same “athome” clown who provoked the deletion of the thread at FoH.

No coincidence and no mystery to me when both “athome” and “Tippexx” use not only the same signature on both forums but such idiomatic pearls like trolly-boy – he used it with me on FoH and again at the UK CF :

What I do object to however is the pre-launch braggadocio delivered by the trolly-boy that’s trying to convince me that something I haven’t seen is already a masterpiece of photography, print production and scholarship.

I’m a design professional, and so far the Hansel and Gretel furniture and the pdf test pages haven’t passed the Tippexx ‘So what?’ test.

Hopefully the real book pages will be cleaner, brighter and the layouts better put together and the support texts not written by someone fresh out of the Benny Hill Chinese Menu School of English.

His reasons at Cigar Aficionado for being such a ROTL have been deleted by now, but  were worthy of a dirtbucket scumbag.
Not bad for a self-professed “design professional”.

Let me finish with the real joke of having a UKCF Moderator asking ( or rather : requesting  – no please or thank you of course ) for an invitation to purchase the II Edition – he doesn’t have the balls to intervene there but has the cheek to ask me for the invite elsewhere. Here’s my reply :

Fuck off Stevieboy.

So let the little people continue to talk through their asses by all means and let them drown in their own cesspit of jingoism.

Success, after all, is the best revenge!

Happy to leave that small, incestuous public cigar world for the larger and more comfortable personal world.

Some might think the above was the reason for it.

It wasn’t.

It was just a happy coincidence.


And now, for the seriously interested  🙂 – the information on the II Edition.




“An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars”, by Min Ron Nee, published by Interpro Business Corporation. Second Edition, 2014.


Improvements in the Second Edition:


1. Includes new cigars introduced since the First Edition, up to 31st December 2012.

2. Includes selected non-Official Productions.

3. Divided into 2 parts. Part One: The Basics. Part Two: The Cigars. Making the Second Edition better organised.

4. Includes Glossary of Terms and Index not present in the First Edition.

5. Limited Lifetime Guarantee of the BOOK PACKAGE and all complimentary items planned for the future.

6. Free update to future editions.


It is sold as a BOOK PACKAGE:


1. The Book.

2. Slipcases for future updates* and research materials*.

3. Bamboo Bookstand.

4. Three reprints of research materials.


*Important Disclaimer:Future updates and future research materials are complimentary items planned for the future and are not part of the Book Package as sold. The publisher can not, and therefore does not guarantee publication and delivery of items which are not yet produced.


© Interpro Business Corporation 2014





The Book

mrn exclusive 01

2,400 pages in 6 volumes.

Comes enclosed within a bamboo bookstand.

DimensionsEach volume measures 17 9/16 inches high, 14.0 inches wide,

2.0 inches thick.

WeightEach volume weighs 17.1 pounds. Total weight of The Book: 102.6 pounds.



The Bamboo Bookstand


mrn exclusive 02



mrn exclusive 03



The bookstand has 2 components, cabinet and cabinet stand.

The cabinet is removable from the stand.


Each bookstand is hand-crafted* of naturally-finished bamboo.

No artificial colouration has been used in the bamboo and wood inlay.


*Each bookstand is individually hand-crafted.

Please allow acceptable individual variations in construction.

The absolute uniformity in mass produced machine-made products

is not the intent nor the desire of the Publisher.  




Made from 2.35 cm thick vertically-compressed bamboo.

Modelled after a cigar cabinet.

The back has matching grooves to accommodate the front board when removed.



mrn exclusive 04



20.0 inches high, 20 1/4 inches wide, 17 7/8 inches deep.



43.2 pounds


Cabinet Stand

The legs are made from horizontally-compressed bamboo,

the base plate is made from vertically-compressed bamboo.


DimensionsCabinet stand Top:  21 5/8 inches wide, 19 1/2 inches deep.

Cabinet stand Footprint: 22 3/4 inches wide, 20 3/4 inches deep.

Cabinet stand Height:  22.0 inches.



29.4 pounds


Total weight*

72.6 pounds.


*Please note that the bookstand is made from natural bamboo.

The weight of each cabinet is subject to natural variations.




There are 3 slipcases, 2 for accommodating free future updates,

one for accommodating existing research materials (3 reprints of old books/documents)

and free future reprints of research material.



mrn exclusive 05



Each slipcase measures 17 9/16 inches high, 14.0 inches wide, 2.0 inches thick. 



3.2 pounds


Total weight of 3 slipcases

9.6 pounds.


The 2 slipcases for free future updates are empty as sold.


Research Materials


The slipcase for research materials contains 3 reprints:


1. “The Truth about Havana Cigars”, by Gustavo Bock, 1903.

7 1/4 inches high, 6.0 inches wide, 7/16 inches thick. Weight 0.1 pounds.


2. “Havana Cigars” by William Gill, 1910.

9 9/16 inches high, 12 9/16 inches wide,

5/8 inches thick. Weight 0.5 pounds.


3. “Book of the Owners” document, property of the Partagás Factory

(Hard cloth-bound, as was the original). 11 9/16 inches high,

8 9/16 inches wide, 1/2 inches thick. Weight 0.3 pounds.


Total weight of the 3 reprints0.9 pounds.


Total net weight of



The Book: 2,400 pages, 6 volumes,

17.1 pounds per volume, total weight 102.6 pounds.

Slipcases: Total 3 slipcases, 3.2 pounds each, total 9.6 pounds.

Bamboo Bookstand: 72.6 pounds.

Research Materials: 3 reprints, total weight 0.9 pounds.


Total net weight 185.7 pounds


Total gross shipping weight


Includes 2 wooden shipping crates. Not yet known.


© Interpro Business Corporation 2014


Lifetime Limited Warranty


The Seller offers Lifetime Limited Warranty against defective parts

due to production processes and defective raw materials.

This applies to the entire BOOK PACKAGE.


The Seller will replace or repair at its option.


The Seller reserves the right to substitute

comparable materials when the original materials are no longer available.

The Seller can not, and therefore does not guarantee

that the replacement will match the existing piece.

This warranty applies to the original buyer only.


The Seller will reimburse The Buyer for return shipping fees incurred.

Shipping fees of replacement paid by The Seller to anywhere in the world. 

There are no hidden charges.

Free Update to Future Editions

If, and when, a Third Edition is published. Owners of

The Book have the option of exchanging the Second Edition

BOOK PACKAGE (including all claimed future updates and reprint of research materials)

for the Third Edition.


The only money required to pay will be shipping fees at cost.


This option is valid within one year of launching of a Third Edition.


This policy of exchange for future editions applies ad infinitum.


Shipping fees for the BOOK PACKAGE


Free within Europe, Canada, USA, Hong Kong.


For customers outside these areas shipping will be charged

at cost per any shipping method agreeable both to The Seller and The Buyer.


There are no packaging and handling fees. 




The Seller agrees to deliver the BOOK PACKAGE

within the month of the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair, that is,

within October 2014, to the billing address of the credit card used to buy the book.


Shipping to other addresses requires prior approval from The Seller.


Non-Timely Delivery


The Buyer can demand immediate refund or choose to wait.

The reason for the delay will be explained by The Seller.


Once The Buyer chooses immediate refund, and after the money is refunded,

The Buyer has no further rights to claim the substantial discount of the pre-sale

price in any future purchase, nor has any priority in buying The Book in the future.


The Seller has no responsibility if non-timely delivery is caused by The Buyer.


 © Interpro Business Corporation 2014


 A final picture of the II Edition and the Book Stand on display at the Cigar Divan –

 Mandarin Hotel, Hong Kong since yesterday.

 mrn exclusive 06  Cigar Divan HK



26 Responses to “MRN Second Edition – Exclusive Pictures And Final Information”

  1. Leif 06/04/2014 at 12:22 #

    Thanks a lot for keeping us updated on this truly unique project! Absolutely mind blowing, I would love to get myself a copy, but even though I just got my bonus for last year I’m pretty dam sure my wife will make sure I don’t see any daylight ever again after buying this mammoth of a book!
    We’ll done MRN, I can’t wait to have a look around this book at a good friends place once released!
    Thanks again Nino!

    • Nino Munoz 06/04/2014 at 13:58 #

      Thanks and :

      My pleasure, Leif.

  2. Kaiser Cheng 06/04/2014 at 15:09 #

    I would love to purchase a set of this unique collection, I am located in Hong Kong and kindly let me know any further details on release and purchasing method once it is available! Thank y. very much for your attention.

    • Nino Munoz 06/04/2014 at 16:58 #

      Hi Kaiser,

      as you are in HK, I suggest you visit Cigar Divan at the Mandarin Hotel, see the Book there on display, talk to Simon.

      Or, send me your mail address via the comment section for further information.


  3. Vladimir74 06/04/2014 at 16:56 #

    Thank’s for the news Nino, I’m sure that the book it’s wonderful (I have the first and it’s amazing) but this new version, for my pockets, have a too expensive price… 🙁

  4. Cliff 06/04/2014 at 17:47 #


    Thanks for sharing, this is just wonderfull to read,
    Very very nice photo’s.

  5. Robert 06/04/2014 at 17:53 #

    Dear Nino,

    thanks for the Update! This masterpiece even exceeds my wildest expectations. Our friend has surpassed himself. Altough the higher price tag (which is justified) a must have for Cuban Cigar Aficionados with love for details and history.

    Did I miss the link to the seller’s website?

    Liebe Grüsse aus Österreich
    Robert (montehiba)

    • Nino Munoz 06/04/2014 at 19:13 #

      Hallo Robert,

      no link to the website as it is by invitation only and requires a password.

      Lieben Gruss aus Rheinhessen !


  6. Arild 06/04/2014 at 18:39 #

    Thank you Nino for the final update, information and pictures of MRN’s new book, or more correctly MRN’s new standard in book production. It is close to unbeliveable how much time, money, knowledge and passion Mr. MRN has put into this project.

    Considering all this and looking at what you actually get, the price must be considered very reasonable. People interested in this masterpiece have Havana cigars and everything about the noble Habano as a hobby and passion. In this “book” you get so much new information, outstanding photography, you get a piece of art into your home! Not to forget you can learn from and enjoy these wonderful books the rest of your life.

    This book is not for everybody, but for those having Havana cigars as their passion. If I look around in my own surroundings I know many people who have spent more than the price of the new MRN on a bicycle, on a watch or on a holiday. Put into such a consideration you get a unique set of books with photos and new information about your hobby and passion, the Havana cigar for a very fair price.

    Thank you Mr. MRN for everything you have done making this truly amazing project come true, the result seems to be out of this world!


  7. Gary 06/04/2014 at 23:21 #

    Much thanks Nino, we can finally put our expectations to rest. Your description and pictorial shows us it was created in the manor of a true masterpiece, a wonderful representation of a life long passion. Please pass our eternal thanks on to MRN. The finished product has far surpassed anyone’s wildest dreams who shares the same warm feelings towards Cuban cigars, their incredible history, and rich heritage.

    It’s unfortunate that it won’t be available to many of us due to it’s distribution and price. While it’s warranted on all levels imaginable, it seems that most will never own one as we were the first edition. I just hope I’m afforded the opportunity one day to review one.

    Again, many thanks for keeping us abreast of each step of it’s creation, this was a once in a lifetime literary journey.


  8. OM 07/04/2014 at 09:11 #


    This collection is absolutely gorgeous and a prized possession to own, however, an impossible buy for me.

    Is there going to be “a mere mortals” edition next to this edition? One that may be a little bit more affordable for common folk?

    greets from the netherlands,


  9. Oliver 08/04/2014 at 01:14 #

    Thanks, again, Nino.
    Your blog is the best.
    About the book, let’s see and maybe I can afford it if I am lucky enough.


  10. Ozcuban 13/04/2014 at 03:20 #

    Hi Nino
    Thanks for the great post,the book looks absolutely fantastic,Kudos to MRN for undertaking a massive massive project ,wishing him all the best for the Frankfurt book show,though i think luck won’t be a factor.
    The book as far as i can tell represents the cutting edge of todays Lithographic process,and he should be very proud of his accomplishment.
    for what the book represents i think they are reasonably priced,though having said that i would love to see a slightly cheaper mass market edition in the future ,but i understand that is at the complete discretion of MRN,and if that doesn’t come to pass so be it .
    thanks once again Nino and please pass on my congratulations to MRN for what is an exceptional
    tome of research on what is a pastime loved by millions

    • Nino Munoz 13/04/2014 at 07:46 #

      Hi Steve,

      thanks and : my pleasure !


  11. Vladimir74 21/04/2014 at 10:50 #

    Please Nino can you ask if will be the possibility of an digital version of all this books?

    • Nino Munoz 21/04/2014 at 15:48 #

      Hi Vladimir,

      I am afraid there will be no digital version of the second edition, only the 2.000 copies over the next 5 years.

  12. Samuel 21/04/2014 at 18:55 #

    I was wondering if there was any way to get onto the pre order list? Also I wanted to know if you and MRN will be in Frankfurt at the festival in October and if the books will be available for sale at the book fair?

    • Nino Munoz 21/04/2014 at 19:46 #

      Hi Samuel,

      the pre-order invitation has officially ended and most of the books available for that purpose, 300, have been allocated – but send me a message and I will see what I can do.

      The book will not be sold in Frankfurt, it will be presented there and enters the contest for the awards.

      I will attend the book fair as a visitor and look forward to see it myself.


  13. Alex H. 22/04/2014 at 17:18 #

    Hi Nino,

    I’m a long time lurker of your blog, and recently had the pleasure of reading your update concerning the second edition of MRN’s An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars.

    I recall MRN once described his work on the encyclopedia as an effort to retain the history of habanos, and I very much agree with this viewpoint. This is a piece of history that I’d like to acquire and pass on to posterity.

    As such, I will greatly appreciate any input on how one might secure a copy.

    Please advise.

    Alex H.

    • Nino Munoz 22/04/2014 at 17:22 #

      Hi Alex,

      thank you for your comment.

      Apart from anything else, this is indeed a work to retain the cigar history and save it for posterity.

      An information package has been sent to you.

      While I cannot promise anything, I hope to get you an invitation.



  14. Ken 22/04/2014 at 20:57 #

    Hi Nino,

    Thanks for sharing the news to the world. I can feel the weight of the book and the quality of the pictures from the photos you have presented.

    This is one of the most anticipated master pieces in the modern world, you can’t put a price tag on a master piece like that.

    Read all the “non-sense” comments, i’m with you.

    Once again, thanks for blogging in the past 10 years, I will miss you, your posts and your cigars!!


    • Nino Munoz 22/04/2014 at 21:03 #

      Hi Ken,

      thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated.

      Regards / Nino

  15. Keith 14/05/2014 at 05:37 #


    I just had a chance to finally read through all these updates, and the various previous items you refer to – as well as your announcement of hanging up the shoes on your blog. WOW. Just…wow, on so many levels. Glad that you gave us this update, but sorry to see and hear on some of the other stuff. E-mail incoming, amigo.

    However, here’s to 10 awesome years of blogging. A great milestone achievement, in any light. Cheers.

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