Lady Luck And The Habana Libre Cigar Auction And Raffle

25 Mar


nfc capActually, watching the pictures I selected for this post it should be re-named : Frank & Nino’s happiness & good fortune at being around D. …

Guess it’s plainly visible that we truly enjoyed her company – and she, knowing us from last year as being outside the circus, was also happy to have us around and when she fell into Cuban Spanish talking with me I knew that she felt at ease.

Last year she was Koen’s assistant in Havana and we met her at Partagas and a few other cigar related places.

This time around she was again assisting cigar travellers during the Festival and we would be meeting at the Casas and events..

This mother of a baby daughter and friend of one of my best Cuban friends ( Saludos Jose Antonio ) is as passionate and quite knowledgeable on cigars as she is attractive.

A pleasure to be around her. Especially for Frank, as he had to receive just one kiss from her just to feel good again.

And she became my good Lady Luck as it was due to her that I … won a humidor.

This event organized by the Habana Libre LCDH was the only one we attended, as we’d meet many friends there like Jose Ernesto Aguilera and Alex, Robert Fox and Andy and of course good old Jimmy.

Jimmy once again bid highest for the auction humidor, a joint piece by Jose Ernesto and Raul Valladares and took it home.

On a winning streak, he also won another humidor at the raffle. Rob Fox also won in the raffle, a bottle of good rum.

We were leaving the main lobby heading for the car when I heard : And the humidor goes to … Nino !!

No kidding – I got lucky ??

Well, after much prodding earlier by Celia, Frank and I had bought a number for the raffle but knew we wouldn’t be present for the drawing as we had a Cuban dinner planned.

But being around D. made time fly and we were just leaving the event an hour later than planned when  the lucky number was selected.

Now : Which number was it that got lucky ? My 4 or Frank’s 14 ?? Or was it the other way ’round ?

Celia wrote Nino on the back of both numbers – and so I got called out.

But, as I didn’t know if it had been my number, I promised Frank that he would get the humidor – I have enough and he needs some good luck. Now a kiss on the cheek from D. to make him dream is a good start … and a humidor to boot is not bad either.

We took the humidor with us to our Cuban family dinner and enjoyed the rest of the evening with a not so lucky but very tasty pig.


2 Responses to “Lady Luck And The Habana Libre Cigar Auction And Raffle”

  1. Arild 26/03/2014 at 13:35 #

    That must have been the perfect day in Havana! Andy, Rob, Frank and yourself seemed quite satisfied between the lovely ladies, excellent photos!

    And the picture with Lady D and Frank, fantastic:-)

    And a lovely humidor as a bonus = the perfect day!

    Thank you for posting Nino!

    Regards from

    • Nino Munoz 26/03/2014 at 13:59 #


      a great day and a small pay-back for all the troubles Frank had in getting there … 🙂

      My pleasure, Arild, kiss to Ama !