Ladies Night ANS

12 Sep

nfc capWe always have a few ladies smoking and sharing the fun with us in the pharmacy. Nothing unusual. Like yesterday.

So here’s a little tribute to them.

It was fun and yummy  as always with Reiner and Marled ( another aficionada of the ANS ) cooking two large pots of finest deliciously hot Goulash for us all.

Josef had brought a pot of pumpkin soup earlier that was refined with original Austrian pumpkin oil.

And Axel brought a great dessert of wild berries and cream.

For once Vito came over to enjoy the company and not to deliver a pizza.

Beverages were good and cigars were quite acceptable.

What a life we lead … BBC : Babes, booze and cigars 🙂

This Saturday we’ll meet again for a suckling pig dinner that Josef has organized at his Golf club restaurant.

Stay tuned.


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