La Guarida Under Renovation

16 Dec

I had a few dinners at La Guarida this trip, always a good place to visit and show to new travellers, especially now with the new terrace bar.

But as it was being renovated at the time, the dinners were served on a separate terrace – with the risk of being cancelled in case of rain.

I wondered why they would not just close down for the time needed for the renovation. And why it had not been posted or announced on their otherwise quite efficient website.
The reservation must be made in advance and be confirmed by phone the day earlier or risk having it cancelled.
Too elitist now that other places rival ( and surpass ) La Guarida in quality and service.

La Foresta comes to my mind.

It is an excellent place with great quality and service and while it doesn’t have the patina and history of La Guarida, it has a beautiful garden and there is no need to climb narrow staircases ….


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