Hunters & Frankau 225-th Anniv. Ramon Allones Review

9 Jun

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Last post before leaving for Havana tomorrow.
This review and pictures were sent to me by a good friend who wishes to remain un-named. While he received the H&F 225-th “sleeping head” banded, the ones I received a few years back in HAV were un-banded, but after having smoked a few, I fully share his verdict.
Thank you for the review !


I received this cigar as a gift a few years back and smoked one at the time and felt the construction, quality, look and feel were all great.  My initial reaction was very positive as the cigar was strong but with character.  I was glad to taste its strength not just because I like strong cigars but because of its aging potential.  Given it was to become an exclusive and limited production cigar, I assumed many of the cigars will wind up in collectors humidors for years to come.  The cigar I am reviewing was kept for the past two years in my partially filled 1994 humidor kept at 68/68 conditions.

Now the same cigar a little over two years later.  It’s a Colorado redish wrapper with construction a firm squeeze with a medium soft outer layer which urns medium soft squeeze after lighting.

Initial taste has rich strong flavors.  Feeling of a dry smoke with a metallic after taste (in a good way) raising taste sensations. Unique flavor compared to any recent smokes making me wonder what it is. Medium draw making the burn slow and consistent.  Initial taste is full of various flavors some smooth but many simultaneous tastes of spice, strength, wood, and leather. After twenty minutes of smoking I am only 1/4 done with the cigar and the flavors have smoothed out and the cigar has a narrower set of characteristics of strength, wood, and tannin. At 40 minutes I am half way done and the cigar tastes smoother but can taste the increased strength.  I am beginning to realize that there is a lot of tobacco packed into this wonderful cigar.  Now I began smoking this cigar pairing it with an equally special drink the Edmundo Dantes 25 in the porcelain bottle.  I quickly realized that the smooth nature of the Edmundo Dantes is a mismatch as the cigar overpowers the rum.

My taste buds told me that only an Islay Scotch could match this cigar so next I went with an Ardbeg Day, a very peaty distillery only release from 2012.  While I typically enjoy drinking Islay’s with my cigars, there too I believe is a mismatch as the flavor swing of an Islay with this cigar is just too much.  Next up was a Macallan 25.  I figured an aged sherry cask dram with make a nice paring.  There too something was not right.  It wasn’t until I finished the glass that I realized that I used the same Islay glass to pour the Macallan.  Well to do this proper I got a clean class and poured another Macallan for the tasting.  I think we have it now!  Out of the 25yo rum, a very peaty Ardbeg, and a Macallan 25, it is the Macallan that gives me the most pleasure of this cigar.

It is an hour now and I have 1/4 left.  The cigar has had a consistent burn, draw, flavor, and strength.  It’s maintained it’s flavors since 5-10 minutes within lighting up.  I have smoked all the U.K. regionales and I would rate the strength of this cigar above the Flor De Canos, Juan Lopez, and Por larranaga’s and more closely to the original Punch D’oro’s though I would say this is not as strong and has a better flavor profile.  Finally at 80 minutes I am done with the cigar and it is smooth to the end.  What I find interesting is that this cigar does not burn hot at all even to the end.

Kudos to H&F and Habanos and to all who were involved in the blending and construction of this cigar.  It has the perfect mix of look, feel, taste, and strength making it an enjoyable smoke now and a wonderful vintage many years down the road.

This is not a beginners cigar and my friends who enjoy the old blend Partagas and Ramon Allones will certainly enjoy this cigar.

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  1. Robbie 01/07/2015 at 04:06 #

    It’s nice to see that amazing painting again. Glad it ended up in the hands of someone with exceptional taste.