Hong Kong Min Ron Nee visit – Jet-lag and first pictures

22 Dec


nfc capHa, so most of you would think that after 35 years of flying I would be used to jetlag, right ?

Wrong – hits me in the face like all of you as well. Mostly in the middle of the night …

Slept 3 hours from 02 to 05 am, woke up, no wonder being 2200 or 10 pm in my body clock, read magazines for 2 hours in bed and then decided to start the day by having dinner at the breakfast buffet … I succeeded and the buffet here at the Shatin Regency Hyatt is truly a feast.

A three egg omelet, 2 fried eggs, some sweet ham, salmon, salami, ham, and fresh croissants with honey later, here I am sitting outside by the pool smoking my “morning cigar” ( a Siglo II ) with fresh orange juice and café au lait  and sorting my mental notes about the last 3 days here in HK with Min Ron Nee.

They will be on my blog …

For now, some first pictures.


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