Havana Streets – A picture gallery

8 Dec

Back to my Havana/Cuba trip reports.

Here’s a picture gallery from my walks through Havana.

Mostly side streets from Calle Obispo like Tejadillo, Obrapia, and smaller streets in Habana Vieja or Old Havana.

I specially like the barber shop pictures I took on Tejadillo, I stayed with the guys for about an hour and had a good conversation with them while they would go on cutting hair and “decorating” the young boy’s head.

My picture taking was not a problem at all, I was welcome – they were proud and showed me a postcard from a German photographer who had been taking pictures around there for a book.

I also like the series I took on Calle Habana corner with Calle Cuba, I believe they came out OK.

Some I took in Miramar, the quieter residential area I was staying.

Like the young volunteers of the EJT, the youth army, always going about with small diesel generators to spray the houses and stores and kill the mosquitoes that cause the widespread and endemic Dengue fever.

The last picture is actually a funny chance encounter while waiting for a traffic to turn green in the outskirts of Havana on my way to a humidor factory.

I noticed this slick looking guy pumping gas and he looked familiar. I took some pictures of his garish outfit and then realized it was Joel, the driver I had last year, some pounds heavier, who promised to arrange a Vuelta Abajo tour for some German friends and then left us stranded the day before the tour.

I greeted him before the light turned and from his look he must have been quite surprised to see me again, driving in style around Havana. Guess his wallet must have hurt him

All pictures were taken with my small Lumix and with no artistic intentions.

Just trying to capture moments and memories.



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