Havana November 2018 – My Very Own Cigar – Rituales

5 Dec

It was NOT my idea. I am just a cigar smoker. Plain and simple.

If people ask me for cigar details I will reply : What do I know about cigars ….

But smoking a good cigar in Havana with a great friend and excellent master roller on his roof-top terrace under a Mango tree last year, he asked me : Nino, why don’t you create your own cigar ?

This left me surprised, laughing and saying : What do I know ….

But the seed was planted and after a few days of thinking I came up with what I consider the ideal cigar for my palate.

I love the Monsdale flavour and aromas as well as the Puntilla vitola size – so why not combine the two, add a pigtail and a cut foot and have my own cigar creation ?

After some trials and testing the cigar is ready and smokes like a dream.

Absolutely fantastic for my taste – and that is what matters.

When it came to name the baby it was very simple – I have my rituals and one of those rituals in Havana is to sit with my friends under a Mango tree, smoke good cigars and drink Rum. But naming a cigar “Mangoes” would not have the right ring to it …

One of the Rum brands I have come to enjoy a lot besides Santiago, Mulata and Cubay happens to be Ritual Rum.

So there you are, Rituales is the perfect name for my own perfect cigar that I will enjoy with my best friends …. 🙂



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