Havana – Hole In The Wall 5 – Sergio’s

2 Apr



nfc capIt’s properly called “La Corte del Principe” – but Sergio is the owner and so it’s Sergio’s place.

He’s been around a year on this quiet corner at Parque Monte Barreto and the place is busy.

You are lucky to get a table but it’s most definitely worth it.

The best homemade Pasta in town, delicious Gambas in the shell, a Mediterranean atmosphere, great for a long leisurely lunch or dinner al fresco followed by good cigars.

One of the reasons I like this neighbourhood of Playa.

And : the best Espresso too, delicious crema from the Lily beans.

Another highly recommended place in my book.



And a good round-up of some of my favourite eating places in Havana here :



2 Responses to “Havana – Hole In The Wall 5 – Sergio’s”

  1. Gene 03/04/2014 at 03:16 #

    Is one able to smoke in the hole in the wall restaurants?

    • Nino Munoz 03/04/2014 at 07:03 #


      or I wouldn’t be there.

      Basically you can smoke anywhere in Havana unless it’s inside and a/c.