Havana – Fakes

20 Mar


nfc cap No trip to Havana is free of fake cigars.

While walking around the city I took Frank to the place behind the Partagas factory where I was offered fake cigars last November.

Caught unawares by our visit the selection wasn’t great, but we were promised much more stuff and many more boxes should we return later – which we didn’t.

Another interesting fake “find” was at one of our Casas – the Landlady happened to have some boxes for sale offered to her by a friend that were incredibly cheap and she would like to know our “expert” opinion.

They were better than street-quality boxes that we were offered out of the blue when we moved in before the lady learned we were serious smokers of mostly un-banded cigars which kinda intrigued her as well.

Guess she had had better luck with people smoking “bands” …

They look good but : Seals and stickers inside the box, bands on the Maduro 5 had 4 rows of dots, the price was too mucho good at 40 cookies a box incl. the 5 cookies commission for the sale, guess 99% of tourists and maybe even others would have fallen for them.

Genuine cigars are NOT sold via landladies in Cuba.

Not even the serious ones.

Not these kind, not any kind.




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