Havana – Factory Visits To H.Upmann And El Laguito

26 Mar


nfc capWhile Frank got to visit three factories in Havana ( he also went to tour the La Corona factory ), I only joined the group for a tour of H.Upmann and El Laguito as I wanted to greet friends there and had only limited time.

Touring H.Upmann I can not get over the fact that I’m basically at Romeo y Julieta – just that it has offered shelter to the H.Upmann rollers literally without of a roof while their own factory is renovated after flooding .

It was a pleasure to meet with the director Carlos and with Maritza, the genial chief roller and all other friends there.

Same at El Laguito greeting the always friendly and helpful Berta who guided the newcomers through the factory explaining its history and working details and volunteering for a Q&A session.

Two delicate details caught my eye on that tour – having a security guy tail the visitors at all times and not allowing the entire group to take the tour.

Guess things are taking a turn for the more strict after all the past news from the factories.

Still, always impressive.


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  1. Matteo Speranza 29/03/2013 at 07:54 #

    Nice Post Nino.