Havana 2015 – Partagas Night And Fox Event At La Guarida

22 Mar

nfc capAnother one of those nights that start “official” and end private among friends.

The Partagas LCDH held a reception during the Festival week and I met some of the usual suspects there after saying hello to Grecia, Odalys and Leopoldina.

A few Cuba libres with the guys, a truly international band really, and we decided to try out a new Paladar on Prado 115 ( a more detailed review will follow later ). Which we did.

Of course the table kept getting larger and more tables were joined as more friends would arrive like Stefanie, John, Mark et al … the more the merrier.

Cigars were LFC Canada ER’s passed around by Yannick ( Happy Birthday today 22.03. young man !! )

After a really good dinner we decided to walk up the street and end the night with some live jazz at Bar Monserrate.

Great fun and a well managed combination of official and private events.

A few days later it was back to Centro Havana and La Guarida – which also keeps getting larger and larger by adding more kitchen and table space as well as roof areas.

Talk about a perfect roof terrace, La Guarida has it ! Simon loved it so much he “danced” his way up …

While Naomi, Paris and Kate were having dinner downstairs we were having fun in the terrace courtesy of the Fox bros.

Cigars this time were custom rolled and passed around by Andy.

Lovely to have the chance to talk to both Commander Keith and to Andy in such a beautiful ambience. Once again great fun and great people.

My kind of Havana nights !


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  1. Captain Keith 22/03/2015 at 14:11 #

    Great stuff Nino 🙂