Havana 2015 – John DeCosta Vintage Tasting And Cigar Sanctum Launch Event

19 Mar

nfc capAnother highlight in Havana and another smoking proof that well stored aged cigars can deliver impressive smoking pleasure.

John DeCosta of Cigar Sanctum was kind enough to invite to a tasting of Partagas Bohemios from the 1930’s/40’s at his Casa two blocks away from mine and there gathered the usual suspects.

In his introduction John mentioned how this was an extremely rare box that could be dated back to mid 30’s to early 40’s – and how he’d never found any mention of Partagas Bohemios in his research.

My lasting impression of the cigar was the spiciness it contained, absolutely vibrant cigar, alive and kicking, extremely tasty, from the spicy start to a more smooth smoking and a creamy finish. No bitterness, no harshness, more than an hour of very pleasant smoking with still very present and pronounced aromas and flavours.

As always the Santiago 11 was a perfect companion and the cigar proved it had the strength to compete with this Rum.


A few days later we again gathered at John’s place for the official launch of Cigar Sanctum’s new Partagas jewellery line of very classy, elegant and masculine pieces.

It was the fun, music, drinks, cigars and good camaraderie with the right kind of people mix that private events in Havana during the Festival week are known to have and which make them so attractive.

Perfect again !


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