Happy Days With Niki And The Taiwan Cigar Club In Germany – Day Three

22 Sep

Sunny Tuesday and we met for a morning cigar at my Cafe, long and very relaxed hour planning the day and smoking fine.

I showed my village, the garden with fresh apples for all and the cigar cellar – my KISS system of storing cigars in metal lockers which keeps them perfect for long time storage.

Then it was off to Kaiserslautern and a good seafood lunch on a park bench … It was Farmers Market in town and no table to be had – no problem 🙂

I had decided on the Kaiserslautern LCDH as we didn’t have the time to drive to Saarbrücken and see Salih.

Pity the LCDH in KL was closed for vacation – but no problem, a stroll through the city and another hour and a half relaxing in the sun having coffee and cigars.

Back to the village with Johnston driving like an ace behind me – his wife showed me a picture doing 155 km/h.
And I thought I was driving slow – but speed limit in Taiwan is 110 km/ so it must have been fast to him.

I had arranged for a wine tasting at Weingut Weinmann and Mrs Weinmann took very good care of my friends.

It is harvest season now and they were able to see the grapes collected and pressed, the whole process of wine making and finally not just taste the excellent wines bust also the wine vinegar made there.

Very informative 90 minutes indeed !

We shouldn’t have had dinner before the ANS Pharmacy Cigar event as I knew there would be enough food there to feed us all but I wanted the group to have a good Weingasthof Fritz home made dinner with Rosé Schorle.

They had tasted it the night before and loved it.

We then walked the 25 steps over to the Pharmacy and enjoyed a very typical ANS with something like 25-30 friends attending it, among them a very nice Chinese lady friend who was delighted to meet my Taiwanese friends.

Niki and his group had brought some Taiwanese desserts and sweets for us all and I went crazy about the Pineapple cakes – so delicious I forgot about the homemade Horsemeat Burgers and the Spundekäs ready to  share and only had those delicious cakes 🙂

Ute shared some cigars she won in a FoH contest and I passed around some Salomones with some age and my old personal band as well as the usual goodies – HU SW GR, La Reina, Rituales, Silver Jubilee and other small cigars.
I opened a bottle of excellent Santero 11 rum which was enjoyed by all and paired fantastically with the cigars.

I guess this was the highlight of the 3 days and was happy watching my friends being happy.

The next morning it was off to Amsterdam for them and sightseeing there plus visiting Big Man Thomas & Yuri at LCDH Almere – great hosts.

And I would drive next week to Belgium where together with my buddy Frank we would show them Leuven – better choice than Brussels ….. 🙂

So – have a good time and see you next week !



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