Happy Days With Niki And The Taiwan Cigar Club in Europe – Day Two

21 Sep

I arrived early Monday morning in Frankfurt to find that Johnston had already picked up the rental car and driven it to their Hotel !

Good Start.

A coffee and a small Partagas while the cars were loaded and we left Frankfurt at 11 am to Rüdesheim.

Traffic was light but we had a traffic jam and my confidence in Johnston’s driving skills was assured – great driving he did !

In Rüdesheim we took the cable car up to the Germania monument and walked around the top overlooking the mighty Rhine river and looking towards my area.

A very long and relaxed lunch followed at Castle Vollrads enjoying their fine light and dry Riesling wines.

Once again all plates were left clean and I was amazed at the appetite and good taste of my friends.

I shared some vintage Sancho Panza Belicosos from 1997 that MRN had sent me earlier and we called him to thank him and shoot the breeze in Mandarin. Obviously Niki was very happy and proud to talk to the “Rockstar” of the cigar world.

What a delicious cigar it was !

One more cigar, a Rituales, and then it was time to continue towards my village.

We took the car ferry, crossed the Rhine river and went up the Wissberg amid the vineyards to the Roman chapel across from where I live.

Arrival in the village, some rest for my friends and then to my soon-to-be-closed Cafe for ice cream, Roséschorle and more cigars….

It looked like Christmas day as we all had presents for each other –
Thank you VERY much dear Niki and friends for your exquisite gifts !!

We smoked fine H.Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva, more La Reina and Silver Jubilee and other fine sticks before calling it a night and go to sleep to be ready for next day.

Great Day !!

To be continued…


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