El Morro Sunsets

13 Dec

There are two very nice and quiet spots on the other side of the tunnel that I frequent for a quiet cigar, a cool drink and a beautiful view of Havana.

One is El Mirador, underneath the La CabaƱa fortress, usually very quiet, state run but OK for a drink.

The view is across the harbour entrance to old Havana, the Capitol and the Bacardi building.
Good memories of Portmann dinners and fun events during past Festivals here at La Divina Pastora.

The other is El Polvorin, literally the powder or ammo depot, below the El Morro lighthouse and next to Los 12 Apostoles, the 12 cannons that protected the harbour.

This is the perfect spot for a sundowner and a cigar.

Always quiet and mostly deserted – also state run, opens round’bout an hour before sunset, drinks are nothing to write home about but OK as long as you ask the waiter/bartender to put more rum into that Cuba libre.

Perfect place for a kid to enjoy cannons and tales about pirates and a grown up to enjoy a cigar while watching the cruise liners depart into the sunset.


With a few great pictures by Michael “Turner” Dreher.

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