Detoxing the Village way …

8 Dec


Lord, I wish I had this inner peace and serenity – to lay down on the lab stone slab and have a siesta with herbs in my ears and an apple in my mouth …

Great way to nap.

OK – the picture was staged in the lab, but still : looks serenely peaceful, right ?

Guess this is what I believed I urgently needed after returning from 4 weeks in Cuba, the last 8 days with lots of cigars, rum and buddies and little sleep.

A long, peaceful nap and no cigar, no rum, no drinks, no buddies ..

This is what I actually got : Lots of cigars, rum and whiskey plus whisky and more of the same. Plus buddies. Plus private fun time, cigars, rum and food with the buddies.

OK, I did get some long hours of sleep, but it was mainly because, as we say in Germany ” The body takes what it needs”.

After just 2 days in country, on a Thursday, we held the regular pharmacy cigar meeting.

I brought a bottle of 7 year old Mulata just to keep the good Havana flavour in my mind while smoking a cigar.

Then it was a Josef “Monday” – he invited us all to Leberkn√∂del and Kartoffelp√ľree with Sauerkraut done the “Dutch” way – mingling the Sauerkraut into the potato puree – and it was tasty.

Just like the bottle of Glenfiddich and the 2002 JL Corona and the 2005 RASS we shared with Andreas at that dinner. Not to mention all the Roseschorles… it was coming home. Delightful.

OK – so the three of us missed a regular “Whisky Monday” at the lab due to that dinner.

No worries, we quickly changed it to a Whisky Wednesday and smoked fresh Havana Prominentes plus some aged (2005) Diplomaticos Nr 2 while shooting the crap and exchanging black & white memories after the coloured ones from Havana faded in the background.

It was 3 bottles of fine Single Malt that we opened and partially destroyed :

An 16 yr old Bowmore Sherry casked ( the best of the trio ! ), an 6 yr old Laphroig Bourbon casked ( uurgh … ) and a fine 1994 Knockando.

It was coming home alright … and hitting the ground running.

I was happy when I hopped on a plane again and escaped to a more subtle dinner/drinks & cigar venue : Northern Italy.

But that’s another story.

So much for detoxing.



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  1. Steve 08/12/2012 at 15:39 #

    That cask strength Bowmore looks great.