Days At The Farm With Hector Luis Prieto – Day Three

12 Jul


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Again the morning was filled with silence and the only sounds were the natural sounds of a farm.

After breakfast that included the very rich and tasty Mamey, life started, staff came slowly into view and the daily routine began around mid-day.

Miguel would start rolling, the bar would be prepared and visitors would start arriving, some pre-arranged, some un-announced.

The first visitor of the day was an Armenian-Russian banker and lover of Hector’s cigars. He had hosted Hector and his wife in Moscow earlier and had flew in for a few days in Havana and to share time at the farm with his friend Hector.

While other groups and visitors arrived and were shown around by Oswaldo, we had a long and fun-filled conversation on cigars, Armenia, Armenians in the US and house pets from Bavaria …  truly a good mix.

Then it was late lunch time. Alex had arrived to pick me up and he was keen on sharing the table with us again. He had demonstrated a true interest in cigars and tobacco despite being a non-smoker and being an amateur cook himself an interest in gastronomy and good food that is rare in Cuba. With me and my friends taking him along to the best rollers and factories as well as the best paladares plus his learning curve being very high, I am sure he will be a most valued contact & guide to tour the cigar world of Cuba. Another productive aspect of this trip for me.

It was with a sad heart that I said farewell and hugged all my friends at the farm. I had enjoyed the magic of the Vega, the hospitality, the peace and loved every second of it.

Finally I had fulfilled my dream of staying with my friends and share time there. I will go back for more, again, soon, it was an unrivalled experience that counts among the best I have had in Cuba.

Gracias familia y hasta pronto !




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