Cuba May 2016 – Visiting The Tobacco Farms

20 Jun

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As in every trip to Cuba, a visit to the tobacco area of the Vuelta Abajo is mandatory, especially so if it’s your first trip to Cuba as a cigar smoker as was the case with Jan.

So we set off early from Havana and passed by the Robaina farm in Cuchillas de Barbacoa to meet Carlitos and have a cafecito there while shooting the breeze on the harvest ( very good ) and other themes.

Then it was on to Hector Luis’ farm at Quemado del Rubi where we basically had the farm to ourselves on a quiet Saturday. Miguel was there rolling as always and holding the fort as Hector and Mileiby were away on a cigar event in Serbia.

I was impressed at how the Ranchon area has been enlarged and renovated while maintaining a very traditional style. The roof is higher now so more breeze can pass by and underneath the balcony a smoking lounge is planned. The rickety bridge has been replaced by a new and solid structure and all looks just perfect.
All this was supervised by Jaime, Hector’s Chinese friend who came again to stay a month with Hector and whom I was to meet later in Havana.

Sadly I was to learn 10 days later that flooding caused by the excessive rains had swept the bridge away – the water level reaching the head of the Jose Marti statue on the opposite bank … Jaime will be busy rebuilding right now.

The high humidity and lack of cool night winds were also a threat to the harvest curing in the barns but I was assured that it did not affect its quality.

We had a long and relaxed lunch and a few cigars with Miguel who was happy to show his skills and take Jan and our friends around the Vega.

Before leaving the Vuelta Abajo I took Jan to see the famed Hoyo de Monterrey Vega which is very close to Hector’s finca.

After stopping for another cafecito in Consolacion del Sur to pick up a friend ( we were told this is another big tobacco area ) we returned to Havana – happy campers !



4 Responses to “Cuba May 2016 – Visiting The Tobacco Farms”

  1. joe 22/06/2016 at 17:01 #


    Your blog is by far the best cigar related site on the web. You provide a view into Cuba and their cigars like no other. The insight into the Cuban people and culture are something I have not seen anywhere else on-line.

    Really look forward to each new blog entry you post.

    Joe Akers

    • Nino Munoz 22/06/2016 at 21:14 #

      Hi Joe,

      thank you for the kind words ! I try to convey my experiences as best I can.

      But believe me, only a fraction of those gets reflected here as the most important and touching meetings are “below the radar” and more private in context.

      But if we ever share a cigar together in private we can talk …. 🙂

      Regards / Nino

  2. Taqim 22/06/2016 at 19:11 #

    Great narrative and beautiful pics as always!!! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your experiences and keeping this blog alive!