Cuba 2016 – Visiting Humidores Habana

11 Mar

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One of the high points of Patty’s & Ute’s visit to Cuba would be visiting Humidores Habana and meeting with Jose Ernesto, Pablo and Alex as well as getting a tour and in-depth details on the work done by this famed and dedicated workshop.

Patty being a jewellery designer and manufacturer herself was immediately attracted by the passion and dedication of Jose Ernesto and his staff.

Seeing the cramped, low ceiling work spaces was specially impressive and when Jose Ernesto showed her his work place she felt a common bond – one that inspired a later visit and the promise to maintain contact and assist in any way practical.

It was quite a busy time for Jose Ernesto and his staff as they were working day and night on the projected humidor for the Gala dinner of the Festival a few weeks away. Despite the pressure he gave us a few hours to explain his motivation, the growth of Humidores, his artistic view and the pride he and his staff have in their workshop.

So it was very sad to hear that just 5 days before the Gala dinner their humidor, on which they had worked for a year, was not accepted.
So much work had been invested in the piece…. it was mind-boggling that such a decision would come at such late stage.

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and I was impressed at how much progress had been done in the outer buildings from my last visit in November. The pace at Humidores, considering the difficult conditions they have to work in, is amazing.

Muchas gracias Jose Ernesto, Pablo y Alex !


Several pictures courtesy of Ute.

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