Cologne – Majestic Cohiba Majestuoso And Medio Siglo

25 Mar

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Frank and I met again halfway in Cologne at Peter Heinrich’s to smoke some cigars that we didn’t have the time to smoke in Havana … crazy as it sounds.

We had received an unbanded Cohiba Majestuoso as well as a banded Cohiba Medio Siglo, the new releases at the Festival and we wanted to try them and form an opinion.

I brought Andreas along – he has promised it would be his turn to drive next time so I can finally enjoy a beer – and Frank brought good ol’ Jos along. First time for Jos and he loved the half day of smoking, drinking, Schnitzels and fun.

Andreas and I were early and I started with a vintage VR that was a bit plugged while he had a RA Club Allones.

After greeting Frank and Jos we all smoked the two Cohibas side-by-side and the conclusion was easy : The Medio Siglo is a good cigar … if you don’t have the far better Majestuoso next to it.

Despite its ring gauge of 58 the cigar can be smoked nicely. The draw was perfect, the aromas overwhelming and we were pleasantly surprised at how much it impressed us.

The Medio Siglo at 52 RG was a good cigar, I’d compare it to a BHK 52, but it was strongly overshadowed by its bigger sister.

I finished the session with a VR Don Alejandro JM NISU courtesy of my  friend Jose Moreno. A very fine smoke and a pleasantly elegant contrast to the mighty but tasty majestic beast.

Excellent half day as always !




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