Cigars With Canucks And Travels With Rico’s Cigar Case

14 Dec


nfc capI really, truly enjoyed meeting my Canadian buddies again, good to see Buddha, long time no see the big man, missed mon red-haired frere Simon, greeted new good guys Khal and Peter, great to have my lil’ blond brother John at the camera controls again, wish I had spent more time with Brother Bear’s daddy Rene, great guy and good vibes.

Erin : Thank You VERY much for all the Cinnamon Red and Fire  – loved it, much needed to remove all ashtray taste 🙂

Oh – and Big David can be my travel mate anytime ….

The Lung Kong session was emotional and a true feel-good moment – cigars taste better afterwards, don’t they ??

We had fun at my place, at the paladar next door despite the pouring rain, and at the lounge we meet to celebrate life and cigars.

We picked up some nice Monsdales bundles at Club Habana and had us a nice, albeit too short time, didn’t we ??

Been some nice trips now with you guys in Havana, so thank you very much for the renewed pleasure !!

And talkin’ ’bout thanks – here’s a BIG muchas gracias a mi primo/hermano Tejano-Armenio-Mexicano ( make up your mind, will ya Rick … 🙂 Rico Suave out of Austin, Texas who was kind enough to send me the bright red cigar case plus some cigars ( bring cigars to Cuba, really … ) and a Secret Knights cap that I duly recorded during my Cuban trip.

Oye cobarde – la proxima vez me acompañas en el viaje, alli te esperan y te aprecian ademas estoy seguro que te gustaria y lo gozarias de corazon. Buena gente, buenos amigos y buena alegria, especialmente para alguien tan especial y latino como tu, mi hermano Rico Suave !!

Thanks  all y Un abrazo de




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