Cigars In Koblenz – A Fine Casa Del Habano Nearby

24 Jan

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Always nice to have a LCDH in your neighbourhood, so I was happy to read that a new Casa was opening in Koblenz, about 45 minutes from my village.

It is an old-established cigar and pipe store, Pipe House, founded in 1933 and kept in family tradition, now managed by Mr Jürgen Wilde and sons.

I had never been to Koblenz proper, only passing through, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the very well stocked store in the old part of town.

It has a tremendous selection of fine spirits, accessories and of course cigars spread over three floors with 2 large walk-in humidors and 2 smoking lounges.

I arrived before noon and enjoyed the perfect and extremely friendly service by Mr Wilde and his son and daughter who showed me around and made me feel very welcome just as they did with the large crowd of smokers including some friends of mine gathered to celebrate the Casa inauguration.

The Cuban cigar selection is top notch with many new releases like the Magnum 56, RA Club Allones, Partagas Seleccion Privada and RA 898 ER Germany around. Also nice to see many Cabinets of 50 in the walk in.

I selected a just released HdM Hermosos Nr 4 Añejado despite not having good experiences with the other two vitolas from the Añejado line.

Before lighting it up and exactly on time at noon my friend Jan arrived from the Netherlands, a two hour drive for him.
He was also curios about the HdM, selected it, and we arrived at the same verdict after an hour : A very disappointing cigar with no character, aromas or strength, just some nicely banded hot air stick like the RyJ and MC from this range.

But the cigar was fully compensated by the soothing and tastefully atmosphere of the lounge, the great care and service and the sense of indulgence – a great place to smoke and relax.

We then took a short walk around the old part of town and had a very good lunch of Königsberger Klöpse, a traditional fare that I had not seen for a long time and Jan had never tried. It was delicious.

Then it was back to the Casa lounge and we selected a RA 898 ER Alemania to smoke with our coffee ( sadly coffee as there was an excellent barkeeper and rum/single malt expert offering Mojitos and fine spirits but we had to drive ).

The RA 898 proved to be, once again, a winner.
Perfect construction, great aromas from the first puff, smooth, balanced, a stellar cigar and superb to the finish.

Very happy to re-confirm our opinion of this release and to have stocked well on it.
Jan and I decided it was worth stocking up some more which we will do shortly again – watch this blog 🙂

We felt very much at ease in the Casa and were treated to an extremely yummy buttered cake that was a dream. In all we agreed it is a perfect family run, highly welcoming and well stocked store with one of the best and more classy cigar lounges around.

It will be a stopping place for my Belgian and Dutch friends on their way to the pharmacy and a place to enjoy a cigar in style for me.

Highly recommended !


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  1. Taqim 26/01/2016 at 23:18 #

    Awesome post!!! Nice looking spot!