Chilies Growing At El Laguito And In Texas

4 Jul

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Talk about people sharing  …

Earlier this year I brought hot spicy Chilli seeds from Thailand to my friends in Cuba who like to eat spicy. I also gave a load of them to Hector Luis for the farm and was happy to heat that they are growing up nicely. Same at Jorge’s but the birds ate most of the crop.

At El Laguito the seeds were planted along the rear garden of the Cohiba factory by the gardener.

When I visited last month the seeds had grown up to become chillies and I was taken for a tour of the garden where every tasty vegetable and fruit is carefully tended.

Very happy to see it. Will bring more next November.

Of course I took advantage of the visit to take a look inside. Upstairs renovation work is almost completed.

My friend Rico Suave in Austin, Texas has also been extremely successful planting the seeds as can be seen. No wonder here, he’s an authority in chilli planting, been doing it for many years. He was kind enough to offer to send me more seeds for Cuba.

I am quite sure Rico will be equally successful planting tobacco …. 🙂


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