Belgian Majestuosos Day – Frank In Cologne – Didier At ANS

26 Mar


 nfc capA truly cigar and fun packed day, yesterday.

And no, there’s no “hidden closet” in this post – just good old dirty fun …

Drove up to Cologne for half a day of smoking fine cigars with my old Belgian buddy-“lover” Frank at Pitter Heinrich’s Casa.

We started with 70/80’s vintage Cuban Davidoffs, Chateau Haut Brion, courtesy of Andy Ryan/Rob Fox in Havana last month.

A nice cigar that left my palate dry.

Next was a custom rolled Lancero courtesy of Hannes, also from Havana last month, with a very special blend that included Medio Tiempo.

Like the ones I smoked with Hannes in Havana, a very impressive cigar, full bodied, creamy and very aromatic but the last third left both Frank an me quite dizzy.

Nevertheless we’d love to get our hands on a couple of full wheels of this cigar ….

Time to have a light dinner.

Back at the lounge we ended our Cologne rendezvous with the Cohiba Majestuosos from the Gala auction humidor.

Again, a very impressive, typically Cohiba flavours, grassy, actually quite mild cigar which would have needed a good Sherry cask Malt and not the water we were having.

We left Heinrichs at 8 pm and I was at the pharmacy by 9:30 finally having some more adequate and adult beverages like the tasty Québécois Ungava herbal gin that my socio Simon Robillard gifted us last November in Havana.

Lovely herbs and a great taste – not sure about the colour though …

Some beers, good fun that tore off my jeans so my new Belgian buddy-“lover” Didier had to repair them ….
Yep, always good to have a Belgian replacement buddy on call, they come in handy or rather : tongue in ear … 🙂

As always it was Cuban-Spanish banter with Didier and laughs with Andreas and Thorsten.

We taught Didier some basic dirty German sentences which we hope he will not use at Passport control at the airport tomorrow … Du mich auch !

The fun continued this morning in the breakfast room of the Fritz Carlton and then at my Cafe while smoking a last RASCC before saying good-bye to Didier and Thorsten.

Look forward to having Didier back in Europe again and us all meeting up for cigars and fun in Belgium !!



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