ANS Summer Cigar Meeting – Day Four RW Brunch

21 Aug


nfc capFor 4 days we had good fun, good food, good beverages, good friends and … oh right, we also smoked cigars.

All things must sadly end and the sky cried Sunday when we held our cigar brunch at Herve’s RW.

Thank you all for attending, sharing the good time and the cigars.

It was great having you here !!

PS : Some comments here by my adopted “Sobrino” ( nephew ), Gino – a repeat and cherished visitor to the ANS :

What a great time !
Tio Nino and Inge (his lovely wife) have treated me and Anna as super guest. Thank you..thank you.
Must of you know about the ANS but many others have only heard about it, I think you should go over and see what in a small village in Germany happens once every 13 days…and beside what happens the German Tax office gives back to the owner ( Thank you Andreas ) for staying open.
Can you believe it, in Germany they pay you for making people smoke in a Pharmacy.
Photo’s are more than 1000 words, so enjoy and hope to see you there in the future. I will be there in 2017, every 4 years !

Beside the Friday ANS with Tio Nino we have had the fortune to smoke some nice cigars as the 35 Portman, Hector Luis gift, Koen gifted us the HU N.1 and Partagas Suaves ( only the name ), some 1999 HdDieux, La Escepcion, Partagas Sobresalientes and many many others.

I’m sure that other great cigars have been lit by Heiko, Koen, Andreas, Michael, Angela, Hans, Vicky, Manfred, Astrid, Bernd, Gabriel, etc.etc
I want to thank all of you and look forward to see you in Italy before I come again to Germany.

Mi casa es tu casa!

PPS : And the ANS from another set of eyes :


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