ANS – 12 12 12

13 Dec

We don’ need funny numbers to have fun – it was memorable evening at the pharmacy – as always.

Especially since one of our friends celebrated the birth of his son with us by passing out Partagas cabinet Lonsdales from 2000.

Well done Michael & Sabine and our best wishes for young Marius !

Fun was having all the pots from our friends for dinner – Rainer cooking up a really rich and dense Soljanka, an East German “left-over stew”, Corinna cooking up the same dish in a slighter thinner way, then Josef, our resident Dutch cook brewing up a Serbian bean & pork stew and Vivian contributing with a Philippine glass noodle pot stew.

Wow – what else ?

Well – a freshly made champagne cream dessert by Peter and original Dresden Christstollen by Stefan.

Washed down by numerous bottles of wine, beer and a couple bottles of Mulata 7 yr old Cuban rum.

Topped off by the opening of a champagne bottle by the sword by Michael to yet again celebrate the birth of Marius.

Life’s good.



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