Another Good Roller – Another Good Day at Salih’s

2 May

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Oh, the joys of being retired, having time and having a good roller nearby.

Sr Eduardo Pulido from the Partagas factory in Havana is on a tour in Germany and was rolling Robustos today at Salih Dalay in Saabr├╝cken.

So another quick, fast and furious drive down towards France, this time at 190 km/h on some stretches, and by 10:30 AM I was having a cafe con leche and a aged PL PC upstairs at Salih’s.

Once again a good burger for lunch, this time outside at Die Burgerei with Salih and a good chat on all topics and back to his LCDH for a custom rolled Robusto by Eduardo and a long conversation with him and his travel assistant Luis.

Eduardo specialises in Lusitanias but has been rolling Robustos at the factory.

Asked what he enjoyed most in Germany he laughed and replied : the cold.

It’s too hot in Havana even now and he enjoys the cool weather much better.

Well, at 23 C today and blue skies I broke my first sweat – still I count the the days to be back sweating in Cuba.

Soon ’nuff.


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  1. ute 03/05/2016 at 13:01 #

    All these days of fun ….