2012/09 – ANS Another Yank In The Lab

14 Sep

Wes from New Mexico contacted me through a cigar forum as he was spending some vacation time nearby across the Rhine river in Bensheim.

I put him in touch with good ole’ Walter and they hit it off brilliantly with Wes attending some cigar meetings organized by Walter in Bensheim.

Fortunately he was also able to attend our pharmacy cigar meeting and, after a good dinner over at Cafe Fritz, he spent 3 hrs with us having fun and sharing cigars and, as a dessert, a homemade pigs-heads pie by Josef, our resident cook.

He was kind enough to present us with a bottle of 21 yr old El Dorado rum from Guayana that didn’t survive the evening, such was the success of it.

On a cigar level, Wes and I shared some cigars, me presenting him with a 1966 that he enjoyed and a RA Spain, and Wes handing me a sealed tubo with a vintage H.Upmann Singulares that I look forward to smoke one of these days. 

It was a very pleasant visit and we look forward to have him back again in the lab !




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