2011/12 – Good Life At The Pharmacy …

16 Dec


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Bolivar night

Dec. 2011

Constantin was back in town from sunny California for the holidays and he had planned his trip so that he would spend some time with us back at the pharmacy. Our regular meeting was last Wednesday and while we were a small group we sure had fun in heaps like we do every 13 days during the pharmacist’s night duty.

We started the pharmacy evening with a few bottles of Constantin’s own 2008 “Stanpagne”, a very brut bubbly handmade by himself and only available in a single selected pharmacy …

Then Andreas offered some fine aged cigars from his collection,  a box each of Bolivar Belicosos Finos from 2003 and Bolivar Royal Coronas from 2002.

While both were outstanding, I preferred the Royal Coronas – especially after the dud Sancho Panza ER Spain, the Quijote, that I smoked in between those cigars.

The beverage list was also quite good as it was a case of Jean Nicot Tabaksbier from Belgium that Frank handed me a few months ago. A beer that pleased all palates and went along brilliantly with the cigars.

Those were 3 different kinds of Vodka, starting with the classic Moskowskaya before we turned our attention to a bottle of Old Potrero Straight Rye Whiskey courtesy of Constantin ( he also brought a few boxes of a mean and strong Nicaraguan cigar named Man O’ War ) and then a bottle of 15 yr old Varadero Cuban Rum.

During a dinner next day at Massimo’s we smoked good Graycliff Turbo cigars with the EL 2010 band ( a first for me, the cigar is OK but overpriced ) and I brought a bagful of Cubans from my recent trip.

The dogs were happy, the patrons were happy, in the end we played the “glasses” game again and danced to jazzy Christmas tunes – it was a good cigar meeting once more.

But not the last one for this year ……


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Martin has first pick
ans 14 dec 2011 03
Thanks Andreas !
ans 14 dec 2011 05
Happy to be back
ans 14 dec 2011 06
Good choice, Constantin !


ans 14 dec 2011 07
Stan and his Pagne
ans 14 dec 2011 09
Finger food for big fingers
ans 14 dec 2011 10
Vodka selection
ans 14 dec 2011 11
Drushba gospodin


ans 14 dec 2011 12
The hungry corner
ans 14 dec 2011 13
The serious corner
ans 14 dec 2011 14
Lotte greets Bernie
ans 14 dec 2011 15
Patriotic Californian
ans 14 dec 2011 16


ans 14 dec 2011 17
The lab
ans 14 dec 2011 18
Feed me
ans 14 dec 2011 19
Too much hugging
ans 14 dec 2011 21
Rockin’ to the Christmas tunes
ans 14 dec 2011 20
Nino “Moustache”


ans 14 dec 2011 22
Dancing Lotte
ans 14 dec 2011 23
Chips and the glasses gamne starts
ans 14 dec 2011 24
Jesse J. Bernie
ans 14 dec 2011 26
B & H


ans 14 dec 2011 27
ans 14 dec 2011 28
ans 14 dec 2011 29
Graycliff Turbo
ans 14 dec 2011 30
Cubans from the bag
ans 14 dec 2011 31
Smoking Cuban


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