2009/12 – Last ANS 2009

1 Jan


last ans 2009  01
Andreas thanking everybody for coming
last ans 2009  02
SCdLH O’Reilly

29 December 2009

We ended the pharmacy night duty year with a very pleasant smoke at the old lab, a small round of good friends gathered for the event, with, among others, Alex coming down from Solingen and bringing Tobias and Michael “Backe” along.

I brought Carlos with me over from Andy’s Irish Pub, a very interesting guy who, until he met me, believed himself to be the village’s only Spaniard – well, now we are two keeping up the flag.

Thomas lost a bet and brought a six pack of Cremant bubbly which we proceeded to destroy by the bottle.

Nothing was destroyed from the beautiful O’Reilly book by San Cristobal de la Habana, it remained intact.

Nothing was left from a tasty bottle of Ochdamh-mor by Progressive Hebridean Distillers, at 62,5% it was good to the last drop.

The inner core would meet 2 days later at Massimo’s to celebrate into the New Year, so it was a good warm-up.


last ans 2009  03
Good time in the Lab
last ans 2009  04
last ans 2009  05
Carlos & Thomas killing bottles
last ans 2009  06
62,5 RPM’s – Not bad
last ans 2009  07
SCdLH O’Reilly


last ans 2009  08
SCdLH O’Reilly
last ans 2009  09
SCdLH O’Reilly
last ans 2009  10
SCdLH O’Reilly
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