2008/12 – Winter Cigar with Keith

3 Dec


keith08novfra 1
Keith at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt
keith08novfra 2
Keith in a cold tent – Fressgass’ Frankfurt

Nov. 2008

The day after returning from Spain, I met Commander Keith „Coloniales”, a friend from Dubai and fellow Airline Crew colleague who happened to be in Frankfurt on a lay-over. Due to our late arrival from Spain we could not meet for dinner and a big cigar, so it had to be breakfast and a smallish one.

After picking him up, we toured a bit of downtown Frankfurt. Not much, as he was not properly dressed for the cold coming in from the Sandpit.

Leaving the car parked below the Alte Oper we searched for a breakfast spot with smoking options.

Operncafe not being open yet, Möwenpick not being around anymore, we opted for a heated tent on the Fressgass’, a pedestrian area in central FRA.

Silly really, we could have had breakfast inside the Cafe or in the patio and then the cigar in the outside tent, but we were too busy in our conversation to notice.

Anyway, it was a good breakfast, a small Hoyo de Dieux, a walk through Fressgass’ buying some fresh farmers bread and good sausage, checking the cigar shop and lounge there and back to the Hotel.

There we exchanged fine cigars – Reynaldo’s custom Salomones going to the Sandpit and a Hamlet’s custom Flying Pig staying in Frankfurt, before we said good bye.

Hopefully Keith will return in better climate and join us for a village smoke – I will be myself flying to the Sandpit in December for some lengthy R&R and much welcomed sun.

keith08novfra 3
Cigar Shop in X-mas mood
keith08novfra 4
One of the smallest Pubs in Frankfurt – Jazzhaus. The house dating back to 14-th century.
 keith08novfra 5
Next Time Big Cigar
keith08novfra 6
Exchanging cigars


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