2008/11 – Response To Worldwide Obama Smoke

10 Nov


First In – Mike from Jan Juc / Australia
Brrrrrrrrrr – Smoking a Cohiba in the Cold – Steve in Toronto / Canada
And a GREAT collage from Christian and Dirk in Kaarst / Germany – Danke !

10 Nov. 2008

Rick, Guy and I would like to thank all participants of our worldwide Obama Victory Smoke yesterday.

Picture Collage by Guy

We will answer each and every mail personally and thank you for your contribution

We have received mails and pictures from all over the world and we truly appreciate the effort of each and every sender.

From cold Toronto / Canada to sunny Jan Juc / Australia and from cold St. Petersburg / Russia to sunny St. Petersburg / Florida and all the way to Yeoju/ Gyeonggi-do / Rep. of Korea.

In St. Petersburg/Russia : Dr. Felix B., Uliana S. (Moscow), Andrei Loskutow (President Moscow Cigar Club ) and Dmitrii Drutsa ( Owner of  www.cigarros.ru )
In St. Petersburg/Florida :Prof. Bill Twain
V-Smoke-ROK a
In Yeoju/ Gyeonggi-do / Rep. of Korea : Adam


For us it has been great fun – we hope it was fun for you as well.


We will now put up a website and publish your pictures there, we hope to have it up and runningin a few days, this will be the website :



Should anyone have a picture, SEND it in to this mail address :



It is NOT too late – this is a FUN  thing and if you missed the EXACT time, it’s OK. No worries.


Nino from Germany sent it sharp on time, Rick  the half-Mexican is sending it mañana and Guy the Frenchman is off on his bicycle to buy a baguette …………… : – ))


So, we might not make it into the Guinness Book of Records but  with some luck we might reach 50 pictures ………….. : – ))


Rick, Guy and Nino


Copyright Nino

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