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16 Jan

Photo : The Mandarins Tea

January 2011

Updated : 12.April 2011 / Links & note to Lo And Behold.com

As you all know, I like Asia and feel at home there having made good friends and good experiences in the region and being always impressed by the energy and progress there as opposed to other, more tired and regressed world areas.

From Singapore in 1975 to Beijing in 1979, I have followed developments in Asia closely with interest and intimately through local friends.

I have been reading and following these Asian bloggers for several years now and recommending them, so I’d like to introduce them here and link them on my blog.

Here is TS Loh, a highly-opinionated Singaporean curmudgeon who is certainly not for the “faint hearted” and/or “political correct” bunch among you.

Who would have thought that someone from, of all places, Singapore, considered by many an authoritarian state, would have such a blunt and admittedly provocative blog where he trashes left, right and center taking no prisoners, while we in the west, supposedly “enjoying” free speech are easily offended and resort to censorship in the name of double standards and PC ?

It’s a fresh breath of air to read his comments in this nannyfied, over-cautious ( today I read in a local board how a guy is reassured by a mod his PSD#4 must be a fake because he had to relight it 5 times ….. yeah, sure, WTF ) , scared to death cry-baby atmosphere and, while they might hit close to home sometimes, they are powerful and thought-provoking.
BTW : you can always justify reading his blog by pretending to look for good food advice or how to avoid tourist traps in the region.

Just reading his Raison d’être should be a fair warning to you – so don’t come back bitching if you are offended by his blog.

“I don’t expect you to like or to agree with everything I say. If you don’t like it, you’re free to go. Remember, this blog is written for a very small audience – ME.”

He is spot on and the only regret I have is not having been able to find him in smallish Singapore, even though I asked around and looked out for a pipe smoker from Orchard Rd to Bugis St. to share the BHK 56 he likes with him.

Update April 2011 : And even more I regret not having met him in Cuba this year as we both were there at the same time but had clearly different travel experiences … sincerely sorry for you !!

ipsd ts loh
From TS Loh – Loh And Behold

Here’s his main page – enjoy it, get heartburn or ignore it, your choice :


The second blogger is an enthusiastic young Malaysian detailing his search for the perfect cigar, more serious and knowledgeable on cigar stuff than I’ll ever be ( or ever care to be).


Aizuddin and I have been in contact now for several years and I sadly missed meeting him in Singapore last month but put him in contact with the “Humble Dogs” to offer any assistance in finding perfect cigar locations in Kuala Lumpur / KL.

Photo : Aizuddin Danian

Our last interaction has been on farm-rolled cigars and I have been impressed by Aizuddin’s honesty and integrity on the issue, his determination to pursue a subject and continued curiosity of all things cigars and Cuba on the boards.

Last, but not least, a site devoted to an Asian beverage that cigar lovers enjoy to cleanse the palate and further enhance aromas is


A very serious blog on tea, cigars, their inter-relation, meditation and other interesting themes. Check how similar tea is to good cigars here :


Highly recommended.

And while not being exactly in the region – a site I consider to be one of the best regarding classic and vintage cigars, very informative ( in German ) :


Enjoy !


Photo : The Mandarins Tea
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