2010/01 – Pigshead Revisited – Steckdosenessen im Wald

10 Jan


pigshead revisited 0110  001
Pigshead lunch in the forest
pigshead revisited 0110  002
Pighead being halved

January 2010

Early January we again had the traditional pigs head lunch sponsored by the NaBu – Naturschutzbund / Nature’s Protection Fund Germany.


As always it took place in an open air forest clearing in Worfelden near Frankfurt airport.

While last year the temperature was minus 13 C, this year we had the added “pleasure” of winter storm “Daisy” adding lots of drifting snow, and again freezing temperatures.

Lots of ice cold eastern wind. Difficult driving on local roads, as, being Sunday, they had not been cleared, so it was a right mess, although the Autobahns were cleared by the efficient Winterdienst.

Being prepared, we had taken along cutlery with wooden grips, no fun eating off metal cutlery in these low temperatures.

Also, we had prepared a little picnic baggy containing some hot beverages and left earlier than planned just in case.

We all enjoyed some good cigars on the waiting line (you better be early if you want to grab a pigs head) and one or two for after lunch and the usual clear beverages to help digest all the fat.
You are asked if you like to have your half head with or without the  “plug”, meaning snout or nose, which is “Steckdose” – a plug. Which is why we call our lunch : Steckdosenessen – plug lunch.

Andreas, Bernhard, Gottfried and myself set off in my car, equipped with snow tires, and had Lotte, Andreas dog comfy in a mattress in the trunk.

It was a winter’s delight helped somewhat by the homemade hot apple cider, hot orange juice and hot Glühwein ( red wine with spices ) being passed around from steaming vats in the forest clearing.

Dressed like an onion, in layers, the cold was bearable; I just needed 3 undershirts, 3 underpants (problem with the “onion layers” being that they are not very helpful when you need to get rid of the liquid), thermal socks, padded Caterpillar boots and my trusted Chinese dead cat on the head.

Boy was I ever glad I was faster than that cat and made a hat of it …………

All in all 80 pigs heads were halved and 160 people had a good lunch with lots of fun and mustard. Additionally some 250 very tasty sausages were grilled.

We met up with Gabriel and Michael there and had almost 3 hours of good fun, with all except the drivers ending up quite tipsy from all the shots of Mirabelle, Jägermeister and other assorted fat-chasers.

Airplanes would pass over our heads from nearby Runway 18 west of FRA International, and I have rarely more enjoyed being retired and let others fly away than today.

Speaking of flying ; next day I should have a more comfortable farewell lunch at Lufthansa’s HQ to celebrate my retirement, but this lunch was something completely different, as Monty Python would exclaim.


pigshead revisited 0110  01
Daisy in Wörrstadt
pigshead revisited 0110  02
Clearing up Daisy
pigshead revisited 0110  03
Even the fire brigade puts on snow chains
pigshead revisited 0110  04
“Sternsinger” – Kids Collecting money on Epiphany
pigshead revisited 0110  05
Lotte’s nest


pigshead revisited 0110  06
Autobahn Cleaning & Salting Service
pigshead revisited 0110  07
German Bird Protection Assc.
pigshead revisited 0110  08
Looking for the clearing
pigshead revisited 0110  09
Heating up needed
pigshead revisited 0110  10
Heating up


pigshead revisited 0110  11
Grilling up
pigshead revisited 0110  12
Homemade Glühwein being heated
pigshead revisited 0110  13
Everybody has fun
pigshead revisited 0110  14
Andreas has even more fun !
pigshead revisited 0110  15
Me & my cat


pigshead revisited 0110  16
pigshead revisited 0110  17
Bernhard – The Initiator
pigshead revisited 0110  18
Your Head has arrived, Sir
pigshead revisited 0110  19
Thanks for the warm cutlery
pigshead revisited 0110  20
Lotte gets table service


pigshead revisited 0110  21
Herrengedeck – One of many
pigshead revisited 0110  22
Smoking & Enjoying
pigshead revisited 0110  23
Enjoying dessert
pigshead revisited 0110  24
Enjoying shots
pigshead revisited 0110  25
First lesson to Eskimo kids : NEVER eat the yellow snow !
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