2010/01 – Andys Irish Pub & Humidor Repair Shop

6 Jan


andys pub 0110  01
Picking up my humidor at Andy’s pub
andys pub 0110  02
Humidor is good for you ..

January 2010

A few days before Christmas I shattered the glass cover on one of my office humidors with a tall 50’s Cab of PL PC’s.

The next glass shop would have been a long drive away in the city – too much bother and, I suppose, too expensive, as it certainly will happen again ……..

Asking around in my local pub for a good idea, Andy, the publican, immediately offered to take care of the repair – “just leave it up to me” was all he said.

His idea was to use a dark acrylic cover instead of glass.

Yesterday I found the repaired humidor waiting for me at my regular spot in the pub !

The dark acrylic cover was just a few inches too small for it, but Andy had procured a clear acrylic cover, cut it to measure, and attached it to the rubber seals so no glue or any odorous material would be needed.

All for small change and his handyman’s pleasure.

So here’s a little tribute to Andy, the publican who wok-fries the best scrambled eggs in the village, provides a superb brunch for our visiting cigar buddies … and repairs humidors on the side.


andys pub 0110  03
The finished humidor
andys pub 0110  04
You can tell by his look that Andy wants a humidor for the pub ………..
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