Archive | September, 2015

Humidores Habana – Artists Creating Masterpieces

29 Sep

One of the reasons for my visit to Havana was to have the lids of my Ramon Allones humidor repaired from some very small imperfections and while I was there also to check on the progress of two new humidors that Frank and I have commissioned. After Pablo picked up the lids the first day, Read more…

A Week In Havana – Cigars, Rum And The Pope

27 Sep

Next time I hear the pope is visiting Havana I will cancel my trip there. Too many places were closed due to his visit, like my favourite night-spot Espacios and many others, and we are talking closed for a week, not just for the 2 days the pope spent in Havana. Even the fishermen could Read more…

Celebrating Six Years Out With A Great Cigar

1 Sep

Today it is 6 years that I retired from my job at Lufthansa after almost 7.000 flights and 35 years of having a great time flying around the world. I celebrate this day remembering an excellent time, great crews I worked with, fantastic destinations and fun layover days with a first class airline I am Read more…