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Romeo Y Julieta Piramide Añejado 2008 Tasting

19 Jan

  I received this cigar last week. Having read both positive and negative opinions about it, I decided to smoke it at yesterday’s pharmacy cigar evening. Supposedly these cigars – both the RyJ and the Montecristo Añejado line – were rolled in 2008 and then left to age in Havana to be released this year. Read more…

The Portmann Group Havana 2015 Festival Trip Briefing

18 Jan

  The shock came the day before the joy of picking up the Ramon Allones Perfectos humidor – the Swiss Franc had become 20% more expensive. Which means also a shock to my friend Urs and his cigar business. From 1,65 CHF when shopping in Switzerland was still attractive to 1,20 CHF when it became Read more…